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You can add a new manager in two ways, once at the start of the game and then whenever you like. The amount of managers in the game at one time is not limited, although I would recommend you have as few as possible to avoid getting them confused.


Why add a new manager?

Firstly, you should add a manager when you start a new game. This is recommended, so that you can actually do something in the game - even if it's just to holiday for a season for a challenge such as Dafuge's Challenge.

You could also choose to add a new manager in the game if you are hoping to play a two player game with a friend, as you would be able to have to managers in the game. Another option to this is to play online.

Lastly, if you want to manage more than one club or nation at one time, you will need to have more than one manager at a time. It is important to know that, if you want to manage a national team as well as a club team, you only need one manager.

How do you add a manager?

At the start of the game

When you first start a new game in Football Manager, you will automatically be prompted to add a new manager. You simply add the appropriate details and your manager will be added.

At any other point during the game

If you are hoping to add a new manager at any point then you can do so by clicking the 'FM' button, and selecting 'Add New Manager'. Like at the start of the game, all you now need to do is add in the appropriate details and you will have a new manager in the game.

What needs to be filled in?

The screenshot in the top right shows the screen that appears when you are adding a new manager.

Your first option is to 'Use Existing Profile'. This will let you use the same manager profile as a manager that you have already created, useful if you are starting a new game and want to use the same manager.

The items below marked with a * show that filling in this field is compulsory or you will not be able to add a new manager.

* Name: In the first box, type your first name. In the second box, type your surname. There is no option to add a nickname to yourself, so make sure you get this right.

* Gender: This is an option of Male or Female

* Date of Birth: Choose your date of birth from the calender that will appear when you select this. Note that, if you are not old enough to have what is considered a realistic age, your year of birth will be changed so that you are 29 or 30 when the game starts.

* Nationality: Select the country that you come from, from the list that appears.

Favourite Team: Choose the team you support in this option.

Manager Picture: You can choose to use a photo of yourself, and more details are on our manager photo page.

Second Nationality:

Password: Type your desired password if you wish for your manager's career on a certain save game to be protected. You will also need to verify this to ensure you don't make a mistake. Please note that this can not be removed after the manager has been created. If you forget your password, sportsinteractive can be used as a master password.

Past Experience: Select the reputation that you want to begin the game with. Automatic is the lowest reputation, rising to 'Sunday League Footballer', then 'Semi-Professional Footballer' followed by 'Professional Footballer' and, the one with the highest reputation, 'International Footballer'.

Address my by my first name: This is a tick box option, and is for countries that refer to a person by the first name. This reverses the surname and first name in the game, for example Bob Jones would become Jones Bob. If you do not want your name to be reversed, ensure this is unticked.

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