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One tool on Football Manager that is thought to be largely underused is the Calender screen. This page displays every day in a month, and shows what will be happening on each day. Included on this is first team, reserve and youth games, transfer deadlines and national team matches, amongst much more. It presents this in a visual fashion - each day has a box with the events shown inside the box.

Colours are used to make the calender clearer - red, for example, shows the current day and yellow indicates a match is to be played.

From FM10, the easiest way to access the Calender is through the button in the very top left corner of the screen, which takes you straight to the current month.


Calender Bar

Calender Bar.PNG

Introduced in FM10 was the Calender Bar, a strip along the top of the screen which shows the events due to happen over the next five days by a series of pictures, such as a club badge indicating a match with that team. Arrows can be used to scroll through dates which cannot be seen, either those in the past or future. A reset button, located in the middle of these arrows, can then be used to return to the current date.

By clicking on a day, a drop-down box appears with further details as to what is happening on a given day. It also gives you to option to holiday until you reach the day you have chosen.

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