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Cherno Samba started his career at Millwall, when they were in the Coca-Cola Championship or as it was called back then, Division 1. He was tipped as the next big thing for England and media pressure curtailed on him. Some people believe that the media pressure increased on him due to his exceptionally high PA on CM01/02, where he was rated as one of the best players on the game.

The attentions surrounding him was terrific through all this time and later interviews with Samba show that with all the attention he thought that he didn't have to train or practice and that he was destined for stardom.

The hype surrounding him made transfer rumours for Samba circulate every day but no moves materialised in the end. It is rumoured that he was on the verge to a move to Liverpool but the deal collapsed.

Championship Manager 01/02 Information

On CM01/02, Cherno Samba had an extremely high PA and with just mediocre coaches and first-team opportunities, he would still become and exceptional player. But, if he had good coaching and lots of first-team opportunities then, he would become the best striker on the game as well, as the best player on the game.

Samba still makes a useful target man, but he is far from the player he once was. To get the best from him, try using him as a target man, with supply set "to head". His high jumping attributes makes him a beast in the air. have him stay forward when attacking corners and free kicks, but he should help defend them too. Set him to "Mark Tall" when defending corners and "man mark" for free kicks.

Football Manager 2009 Information

Despite being a hero for so many on previous games, Cherno Samba is now a less than average player. He would not be good enough for any team in Coca-Cola League 1 or above, as he just doesn't have the required quality.

If you are going to buy him, under £50k should be achievable. If you are selling expect to get around the same, maybe up to £75k.

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