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1) Navigate to:

C:\progam files\steam\steamapps\common\Football Manager X\tools\data editor (Steam users)


C:\progam files\sports interactive\Football Manager X\tools\data editor (non-steam users)

2) Right-click on editor.exe

3) Click send to... and then Desktop (create shortcut)

How to create a shortcut in the steam application

Start up the Steam application from from either the start menu, desktop icon or it may automatically launch when you start your PC depending on how your machine has been configured.

Browse to the 'Data Editor.exe' file
Click on the tab for My Games then beneath the list of games click on Add non-Steam Game

A list of programs installed on your machine will appear, however the data editor will not be amongst these. Click on browse.

Then navigate to

Footall Manager 2009: C:\progam files\steam\steamapps\common\football manager 2009\tools\data editor

Football Manager 2010: C:\program files\steam\steamapps\common\football manager 2010\tools\editor

Select data editor.exe on FM09 or editor.exe on FM10 and then click on Open.

Then click on Add selected Programs.

A new shorcut to the Data Editor should appear on the list of My Games in Steam.

To change the Data Editor shortcut text, right click on 'data editor' and select Properties. In the top text box of the new window input Football Manager 2009 Data Editor and click Close.

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