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Welcome to the Football Manager Series Wiki
The Football Manager encyclopedia that's made by the community, for the community
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A bit of history!


Seeing as you are on this site, it seems obvious that you are a fan of the Football Manager series, developed by Sports Interactive and produced by SEGA. Hopefully, you will find information about the game on this site that you have been looking for, meaning that this is the only place you will need for all Football Manager information!

Right, for those of you who are new to the wiki, a bit of history for you. Don't worry, it's not too much! The idea for this site came from CaptainPlanet in the SI Community Forums. It became clear that the majority of users wanted a wiki set up, however prior to this a free 'WikiSpaces' website was being used. It was a few weeks before this site was made by JJay on the 20th February 2009,

The admin line-up consists of arsenal_2111 and ssestig. Original users who were also admins included CaptainPlanet, peter-evo, jod123 and ahmufcwafc although they have since dropped out.

If you have any suggestions on how to improve the site, please let us know in our forums or in the footballmanagerwiki Thread in SI Forums.

We reached the 500,000 page view mark on the 5th of November 2009, reaching 750,000 just a few months later. We reached 1,000,000 page views came in August 2010, and this doubled to over 2,000,000 on June 11 2011. We never expected the site to become so popular. Thanks to everyone who has ever used of contributed to the wiki - you've helped us make it what it is today! - made by the community, for the community!


1 Jan 11 - 1,398,459

1 Feb 11 - 1,482,943

1 Mar 11 - 1,584,234

1 Apr 11 - 1,669,187

1 May 11 - 1,782,221

1 Jun 11 - 1,940,516

1 Jul 11 - 2,122,572

1 Aug 11 - 2,273,336

1 Sep 11 - 2,448,718

1 Oct 11 - 2,600,814

1 Nov 11 - 2,803,243

Why have we set this up?

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Here at we pride ourselves on having some of the highest quality articles throughout the world of Football Manager, Football Manager Handheld and FMHi.

With guides on teams, graphics, editing and other essential Football Manager information, you can be sure that you will never need to look elsewhere.

After a thread in SI Forums showed that the majority believed a wiki for the game would be useful, various members of the forums set up this website to give fans of the game a chance to develop their knowledge on the game. Over 1.2 million page views since our creation shows that it's been time well spent! For any questions regarding this website, feel free to ask in the aforementioned thread or in our forum - accessible via the sidebar.

We welcome all edits providing users are knowledgeable on the topic they are editing and all edits are completed with utmost maturity. Please make sure you give the Football Manager Wiki Rulebook a read before you do anything - that'll help to make sure you don't get in trouble! Anyway, please now read on about everything Football Manager related that you will ever need to know!

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