How to install data editor files (data updates/league expansions etc)

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  1. Downloading the file: This part is pretty self-explanatory, just click the download button on the site providing the download. If you're given a choice between saving or opening the file, save it. I'd recommend you save the file to your desktop just so it's easy to find after downloading.
  2. Extract the file (only if it's in rar/zip format): To do this you'll need extractor program. 7-zip is a good program for windows and Unarchiver can be used on Mac. Once the file has finished downloading, right-click the file. Click 'Z-zip' then 'extract here'. Afterwards you can delete the rar/zip file as it is no longer needed.
  3. Place the file in the appropriate folder: If you use Football Manager 2010, the file goes here: My Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2010/editor data. If you are playing any game from FM 2005-2009 it goes here: My Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager X/db.
  4. Turn Football Manager on. Click New Game. If you are playing Football Manager 2005-2009, you should be able to select the database you downloaded from the database selection dropdown list. In Football Manager 2010, there should be a tick box that allows you to change the enabled editor files. Tick it and click ok. Then select the files you wish to use on the next screen you're brought to.

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