Kyle Bartley

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Kyle Bartley
34. Kyle Bartley.png
Date of Birth22nd May 1991
Place of BirthManchester, England
Natural PositionDC
Other Positionsn/a
Starting ClubArsenal
Starting Wage (per week)£1,500

Kyle Bartley is an English central defender. He currently plays for Arsenal in the Barclays Premier League after moving to the club from Bolton Wanderers in 2007.

Football Manager 2009 Information

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Kyle Bartley is a talented young football who, despite having potential to become a good squad player for the club, is very very unlikely to be good enough to be more than a backup player at a club like Arsenal. Keeping him at the club for one season is recommended, so he can use your good training and youth facilities rather than going out on loan with bad training techniques. I would also get him tutored by Kolo Touré, as Touré's good personality can rub off on him.

If you do choose to send him out on loan, make sure you choose a team that offer him a key role. Even if they don't pay any of his wages, in the long term you will reap the benefits.

If you wanted to sell Kyle in season 1 you would probably get £800k. Selling in season 4, when he is fully developed, might get you £5million.

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