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Lincoln City are a professional football team who play their league football in the Coca-Cola League Two.


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Are you looking for the FM09 page? If you are you'll find it here - Lincoln City FM09

First Team Squad

Here are all the players on the wiki who have played for Lincoln City in their careers that have player profiles on here - Lincoln City Players


1 Joe Anyon (signed from Port Vale Bosman free 20/5/10)

20 Paul Musselwhite


2 Paul Green

3 Joe Anderson

4 Adam Watts

5 Moses Swaibu

6 Daniel Hone

13 Ian Pearce

19 Jamie Clapham

23 Kern Miller

25 Cian Hughton


7 Mustapha Carayol (signed from Torquay Bosman free 20/5/10)

8 Clark Keltie

11 Scott Kerr (captain)

14 Josh O'Keefe (signed from Walsall Bosman free 17/5/10)

17 Albert Jarrett

-- Adifane Noussoura


9 Gavin McCallum (signed from Hereford 21/6/10)

10 Drewe Broughton (signed from Rotherham 2/6/10)

18 Delroy Facey

22 Andy Hutchinson

24 Nathan Adams

27 Ben Hutchinson (on loan from Celtic)

Out on loan

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