Salvatore Bruno

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Salvatore Bruno
Date of Birth9th November 1979
Place of BirthNaples, Italy
Natural PositionST
Other Positionsn/a
Starting ClubModena

Salvatore Bruno is an Italian striker who plays for Modena in Italy.

Football Manager 2010 Information

I have never signed him before but I have signed him for my Huddersfield Town team. He starts off at Modena and he moved to Bolton for £750k and as I am a feeder club to Bolton. I have managed to sign him on loan without having to play any of his wages. So far it seems good as he has scored 10 in 10 league games and helped me to top of the league in October.

The above was originally written by Nottingham Forest from the Good Player and Team Guide forum on the Sports Interactive Community Forums. All credit for the above goes to him. As Football Manager Wiki is available to anyone to edit as they like, I can not guarantee that the below is the exact work of the original writer.

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