Sergio Agüero

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Sergio Agüero
10. Sergio Agüero.png
Natural PositionST
Other PositionsAMC
Starting ClubAtlético Madrid
Starting Wage (per week)£1,200

Sergio Agüero is an Argentine footballer who currently plays as a striker for Spanish football team Atlético Madrid and the Argentine national team.

Football Manager 2009 Information

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Agüero can be bought for £40m upwards at the start of the game. He is a world-class striker, but also he can play attacking midfield as well. If you start of as Atlético, you should try and keep him. Big clubs will become interested in him, but he is Atlético's best player.

Tactical Settings for Striker

  • Forward runs – Mixed
  • Run with ball – Often
  • Long shots – Rarely
  • Try through balls – Mixed
  • Cross ball – Mixed

The settings will mean he will drop deep to receive the ball as well as stay up top. Because of his dribbling skills it is good to get him to run with ball, as he can score some brilliant goals like this.

Also set him to be a target man. Target man supply should be at - to feet/run onto ball.

The above was originally written by The Dandy Dons from the Good Player and Team Guide forum on the Sports Interactive Community Forums. All credit for the above goes to him. As Football Manager Wiki is available to anyone to edit as they like, I can not guarantee that the below is the exact work of the original writer.

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