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The start up videos for Football Manager are those videos that display the Sports Interactive and SEGA logos as well as the licenses page. It is possible for you to skip these videos by deleting them. This is very helpful for people who have older and slow computers which take a long time to get past this video, as well as the more impatient of us who just want to get playing the game as soon as possible!

The instructions here explain how to delete the videos so you won't have to watch them before playing the game, but make sure you are aware that when you have deleted the files, you may find the screen goes black when you open the game. This is purely because the game is loading - it will take a significantly shorter time than watching the videos. Do not think that your computer has crashed - it will soon open the main menu.

How do I delete these videos?

  1. Go to the following directory - "C:\Program Files\Sports Interactive\Football Manager X\data\movies"
  2. There you should find various videos titled: esrd, license, loading, partners, sega and si
  3. Copy these videos into your "My Documents" as a backup
  4. Delete all the videos in "C:\Program Files\Sports Interactive\Football Manager X\data\movies"


  • Although I have yet to have any adverse affect due to deleting these videos, I can not guarantee that the deletion of these will not cause small problems in the future. Because of this, make sure you have a backup copy of these folders (for example in your My Documents) so you can replace them if necessary.
  • If you have think you may have any issues with moving around program files, do not attempt to remove the start up videos. Deleting or moving the wrong files could result in the game breaking.

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