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A Unique ID is an identification number that is given to every player in Football Manager. The purpose of these ID numbers is mainly for putting custom graphics into the game. For example, if I wanted to give Wayne Rooney a player picture in my game, I'd have to save a picture of him in my FM09 graphics folder and attach a config file to it. The config file must contain the player's unique ID to distinguish him from other players in the game.

  • You can make unique IDs visible in-game by checking the "Show Unique IDs" box in preferences.
  • Players' and clubs' ID numbers usually stay the same in every incarnation of the series.
  • Regens are assigned unique IDs as well as real players.

Finding out your Unique ID

  1. Go to preferences and then go to Display and Sound.
  2. Enable "Show Unique IDs" by ticking the box.
  3. Confirm your changes and then go to your profile.
  4. Your Unique ID should be at the top of the screen under your name.

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