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As Sports Interactive aren't one of the richest companies in the gaming industry, they don't hold a whole lot of licenses for things like competitions, club logos, player pictures, and in some cases, national teams. What this means is that some national teams may not be playable, official club graphics won't be included, some competitions won't have their official names, and many other limitations like these will be present in the game.

This doesn't mean there is no way to work around these limitations - and the aim of this page is to help you work around all licensing-related limitations present in Football Manager.


Unplayable National Teams

The following nations are unplayable and contain only fake players:

  • Chinese players in the China national team
  • German players in the German national team
  • Japanese players in the Japan national team
  • South Korean players in the South Korea national team

You can fix this by going into FM09 program files & deleting the fake.lnc and nleague.lnc files in your 'db' folder. You will need to start a new game for these changes to take effect.

If you're using Steam you will find the db folder at: C:\Program Files\Steam\Steamapps\Common\Football Manager X\data\db\database name\lnc

If not using Steam: C:\Program Files\Sports Interactive\Football Manager X\data\db\database name\lnc

Real Competition Names

You may notice that many competitions don't have their official names. This is usually fixed in unofficial updates such as WeeGiE and FM Updates.

An alternative way of fixing this issue is by downloading this file and placing it in your lnc folder in preferences

Additional Media Sources

Quite a few well-known media sources are not included in the game. To add more media sources to your game, have a look in this thread for download links.

Custom Graphics


These are graphics packs which add missing player faces into the game. The default facepack style since FM08 has been cut-out, but as you will notice, there are plenty of other styles of facepacks available in the community if the cut-out style isn't your cup of tea.

Most facepacks only include player faces for the player profile screens, but there have been a few small player face packs to make faces show up in the drop-down menu which appears after right-clicking on a players name.

Logo Packs

These add missing logos to the game. In most cases, and unlike facepacks, logo packs contain logos of all different sizes so that they are compatible with all screens logos may show up on.

Kit Packs

These add real kits to both the team information screen and (only from FM09 onwards and if you downloaded 3-D kits) the 3-D pitch. With the introduction of the 3-D match view to FM09, 3-D kits replaced 2-D kits on the team information screen. In some cases the 3-D kits may cause the information screen to take more time to load up. Radestock's skin modification can change it back to 2-D kits on the information screen.

Background Packs

These add pictures related to a club, player or competition to the background. Back in the Championship Manager days, quite a lot of these were present in the game out of the box. However, over the last few years there have been very few backgrounds coming with the game.


Full Article: Skins

A skin changes the layout and general look and feel of your Football Manager game. Skins can change the colour and layout of things like the buttons, menus, panels and text.

Changing the layout of a skin is one of the most challenging things to do with Football Manager. It involves editing lots of files, mostly those in the panels or graphics folders in the skin folder.

Whilst graphics by Sports Interactive are not glamourous like FIFA Manager, they make the game very clear and supply all the information needed. To make this happen, Sports Interactive have a Graphics Team. One staff member responsible for the graphical side of Football Manager is Craig Hunter, commonly known as 'Ter' on the SI Forums, but there are also other people who make Football Manager look how it does. Jesper Andersson is another member of Sports Interactive who is involved in the making of skins.

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